Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Photoshop practices

 Just trying out the new brushes in Photoshop as its the first time i used it.
Brush exercise - 
The spider city (Octavia) 
Lasso tool practice -  Zigzag City (Esmeralda)
 The Mash up work using most tools practice - City of Ladders (Baucis)
 Copy and paste work - City of Pipes (Armilla)

I'm sorry that some of my works does not have numbered on it because i didn't know  how Photoshop works yet.


  1. Good to see you posting some work! If you are looking to number things on Photoshop, the text tool can be found on your toolbar or can be accessed by pressing 'T' on the keyboard. The text settings will then appear at the top of your screen. Anyway, regarding your thumbnails:

    Try to find a couple of tools you are comfortable using and focus on creating an image which resembles a space. I would also recommend blocking in basic shapes to start your thumbnails off rather than using thick black lines create outline. This will let your imagination flow a little easier as you will begin to visualise different elements within the thumbnail you created and will help to improve your ideas for developments.

    Hope this is useful :)

  2. Thanks for the tip, I plan to create some more of my thumb nail sketches on my book and scan that in to add to the roster and i also planing in doing picking some of the thumbnail to turn into a quick sketch so i can upload and see which one people prefer i can do as my final piece, Do you think thats a good idea?

    1. I suggest getting as many of your ideas down on paper as you can no matter how rough, so that your peers and tutors can feed back to you. This way you will begin to realise the strengths and weaknesses in your designs which will allow you to develop your work to a better standard. Remember, combinations of succesful thumbnails may be the key to your final outcome. Use your sketchbook and Photoshop to help with your thumbnails, but remember you are designing a space so be sure to try and include that feeling of depth and perspective in your drawings. In other words, make your concepts credible by avoiding flatness.

  3. How's your project going? Try to get into the habit of posting your work every couple of days atleast, it will make your uni experience more pro-active :)