Friday, 13 March 2015

FV - Character Design

I decided to create a tower defense game and here are some of the characters and towers.

Virus and its development in the body.

The Mosquito

Tower #1

Pesticide Tower

Thursday, 12 March 2015

@Phil - FV Story

I plan to create a form of game for my malaria life cycle.

Idea 1:

I plan to create some form of tower defense game were it starts from the mosquito hits the human on the way and has to carry on as the virus to the other end to the other mosquito in order to show the full life cycle. This seems interesting as i could show it in game view as well as the point of view of the mosquito when it hits the human.

Idea 2:

I was looking up towards a game kind of like 'Angry Birds' were its a simple game were you have to flick the mosquito towards the human and once it hit its runs back and you have to hit it again to complete the full cycle. This idea was very simple and short cycle as well as very easy to understand and the game would suit the age range I planned for.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Soundscape Project Submission (Sorry for Late)

As I had home situations to handle I had to submit this now.
 Original Sounds Edited Sounds. Final Sounds.

Beating Microbe: 
 ''Green Stuff'' Snatch and Grab:
 Rocky Ground:

Sorry for late upload was having difficulty with uploading a video file.

Sound Desiner

Sound Designer

Sonic Concept

Sonic Concept

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fantastic Journey: Age group Research

While doing my research for what I plan to do for my work, I decided to create some form of app/game for my age group (18-24). I researched the usage and downloads of apps within the recent year, and I found out that the age group below mine has the biggest amount of smartphone usage, while the downloads of games peaked while educational apps lagged behind.

This was my research from my Life cycle of Malaria as well as my research on games and apps. 

The image above is a research on smart phone ownership within the last few years and they stated that, 'Around 40 percent of 12-17 year-old teens and 40 percent of 45-54 year-olds reported owning a smartphone, as opposed to a more basic feature phone.'

The picture above is the market research on the most downloaded app within the recent years and it shows the games if the biggest Factor of the app world and behind it was educational apps and business apps.