Monday, 27 October 2014

Maya Shader

Shades and Surfaces

Jordan's paint over

(This is not my work)

Jordan painted over my work to help me show where my perspective is as well as to show tones and colour composition to my work and how it would look like.

Jordan also help me on adding things and definition to my work by adding some man made things as well as rock formation which shows depth and curve within my city.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Critical Review

Critical Review


I just wish i had more time to finish and refine my work but this is my final low angle shot.

This was my color pallet in order to create my work

The work below is the development and process of my final piece.

The picture below is the Final piece.

Interior work

I have Created my final piece for my interior design. I did not have my time in my hands to finish it but i did the best i could.

This is the color scheme i used to create my work.

The things below are the progression of my work.

This last one is my final piece i used a little more lighting and white shade to represent light.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


The final piece of my establishing shot for my city.

I have created a hanging house  and defined it using yellow to show that the house is on used compared to the other houses.

This is the color schemed that i have used to create my final piece.

Well its on its way

Octavia - Developments

This was my main design however, due to my influences i made it so it does not look like one of those generic city you see everyday.

Process on turning the top half of the city into a rotating gear.

The empty areas has been filled in with more gears and i added a spiral to the main column to show its rotation pattern.

This has the chain included as well as 'bubble' houses i have designed to hang within the chains

Octavia work

My Final design I'm working on and extra design.

My design on basic line and shade drawing

My work with a hint of color to it. I was experimenting with the different colors that can be found within a mountain.

An extra city design based on clock works and gears i just wanted to upload it.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Who's Who?

Who’s Who

@Jordan ...Interior?

I have two design for my main final interior work and here they are:

1. This work was based on looking at real life factories as well as old mechanical design during the industrial era. This work would be based on a factory or a downgraded technology you might own today.

2. This Work is based on the retro and steam punk work I'm currently working on by looking at picture from inside church as well as different angles. This church has a modified gear i draw in which controls most of the equipment inside the church and they are referenced by looking at real life gears and mechanics.

Are they ok? i did them as a draft for my final interior piece.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Saturday, 18 October 2014

New design

A spider web design using a single main city suspended by chains

This is going to be my new design for my Octavia Project.
I already made this design a while back but its just it wasn't my main idea but due to my other idea not being in context of Calvino's work i started to go back to this idea.

I made several design for separate houses that hangs within the chains of the main city,
They were inspired by water droplets caught within a spider tread so i though i can design them as houses.

New research work

Due to me having to restart my work i have found good research for my interior design as well as new research for the main exterior design

More research some was about my last idea, i decided to post it because it was inspirational.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Photoshop practice..

Practicing with the Lasso tool

I created a mechanic/ work room with gears to show my main idea.

Using inspiration from the movie 'ROBOTS' i created this design using shades and black and white designs.

This work was design on my main idea on a steam punk theme on my work in is going to be shown on one of the exterior work and one of the interior design.

Egg cup

Egg Cup Maya

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


OGR Green Light Review

Green Light Review

Rest of my thumbnail

he rest of the thumbnail works kinda rush work really.
The one above contains, Despina, Isaura, Morianna, Phyllis, Fedora, and Thekla.

This one contains Zenobia, Leonia, Diomira.


My influences

After looking at all the Cities is Calvino's book I have decided that the most interesting one to do was Octavia which was the City between two Cliff like a spider web, however, I have based my work on the spider concept and design a city based on a moving city with mechanical legs.

My Exterior was many influence by Sci-fi movies as (such as the Matrix) well as cartoons and anime. I also found some influence from games such as borderland which contain a mixture or realistic and comic based art work. 

The Interior was mostly based on the game franchise Batman. I look at some of the interior concept art of it as well as some other games like Devil May Cry because of its stunning designs.


 I did more thumbnail work in my sketchbook as i was having trouble with perspective on Photoshop.

Octavia - more thumbnail

Tamara - City behind the forest

Zirma - City of Lunatics

More thumbnails on the way as i haven't had time to upload any of them so far.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Octavia (Spider City)

A practice work using different brushes in order to this work as well as a layered sketches.

Voyage to the Moon


Le Voyage Dans La Lune (Trip to the Moon) (1903) is one of the cinema's most iconic movie releases; but not just the movie itself, the cover art of the movie see Fig.1 - the bullet to the the eye of a smirking moon became one of the most recognizable image in cinema history. The film is a weird combination of imaginative and interesting aspects, and by using trick photography which resulted in a short movie about a group of scientists/wizards planning to explore the depth of the moon which they encounter bizarre terrain and mysterious creatures in order for them to reach their ship to go back.

During the showing of this film, some people do get the opinion that this movie wouldn't be any good or it might be too boring. However, you can't judge a book by its cover, so you can't judge this film from its cover. Despite the movie being over 100 years old, being black and white and a silent movie, by just watching their acting and performance was entertaining enough. This movie can't be compared to recent movies due to it being an old movie, however, it was the start of the development of the movie industry.

Méliès the magician moves from his stage recording to the dazzling voyage he went through was the first ever narrative sequences made. This movie was described as a 'Trick film' by using things such as card, paints and yarns to create fantastic structures for the set and using elaborate costumes to create the feel that they are in a different reality, and by using amazing special effects such as dissolving, fade away and superimposition had great effect to the audiences for example see Fig.2.

Fig.2 Still from the Movie

The film was structured with a lot of tableaux, which in turns contained a lot of trick photography as well as chaotic scenes and multiple camera trick,all of this effect can be seen a lot on Méliès films, however audiences adore all the special effects and easy to follow narration about the film.

Rotten tomatoes talks highly about the film as well as its narrations, however, Rotten tomatoes describe the story as, "Edwin S. Porter's The Great Train Robbery rode a slightly more sophisticated narrative to greater success" This tells me that despite how good everything is if the narration wasn't in league with everything else.

In conclusion, This film is a form of film memorabilia and is a worth a watch, that is in order to experience the old school movie world as well as to see the development of movies throughout the years. 


Méliès, Georges, Fig, 1,

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