Wednesday, 22 October 2014

@Jordan ...Interior?

I have two design for my main final interior work and here they are:

1. This work was based on looking at real life factories as well as old mechanical design during the industrial era. This work would be based on a factory or a downgraded technology you might own today.

2. This Work is based on the retro and steam punk work I'm currently working on by looking at picture from inside church as well as different angles. This church has a modified gear i draw in which controls most of the equipment inside the church and they are referenced by looking at real life gears and mechanics.

Are they ok? i did them as a draft for my final interior piece.


  1. Yo Marion,

    I think you should go for the second one, I really like the contrast and gears. It would make for a more effective composition than the first :)

  2. yeah i think so too I'm currently working on it thanks (^_^)b