Monday, 26 January 2015

Film Review: La Jetee

A film by Chris Marker in the 1962 which was inspired by Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys. The whole film was composed using frames of pictures. The movie revolves around a post-apocalyptic era within the near future were the people was forced to live underground because of the nuclear atmosphere.  The people were subjected to a test like lab rats as they try to find a way to time travel back to the past.
La Jetée Film Still
Fig.1 - Test Experiment
The man who was chosen because he was emotionally attached to the past so he was subjected to their experiment and suffered because of it, However, after a long gruesome and nightmarish time, he was eventually sent back to the past where he fell in love with a woman in a pier.
Due to his accomplishment we was invited by an advance futuristic race were to join them in their futuristic land, however, he refused to join then but he requested to be permanently sent back in time where he met the girl by the pier.
Fig.2 - Natural Museum
The short narrative film almost gave us the feeling that they didn't explain much of the story and sometimes some of the picture does not matches the same description such as during the time it as narrating the pictures in a museum. The narration was very immersive to the story and draws attention, same goes for the sound track that was used such as: the talking voices, Radio sounds, and some of the constant musical background unlike some of the picture was sometimes feels out of place or unimportant to the narrative of this post-apocalyptic film.

Ankeny, Jason, (unknown), (26/01/15),


Fig.1 - Online (26/01/15)

Fig.2 - Fneton, Rosaline (online) (2/01/15)


Pre-Viz work

Story Idea - Explained

My Story

A young surgeon struggling with his currently academic life he started to suffer from some mental breakdown. While talking to a psychiatrist he looked inside himself to try and figure out what he could do.

Inside his head in a shape of a construction site to symbolised his failing mentality, as he would walk around and noticed pieces of the building slowly falling and crumbling. Walking around the building he tries to find a piece of himself in order to get himself together. The things he noticed about the construction was that:

  • The building was made out of multiple building he has attended such as his: secondary school, collage and med school.
  • Pictures of himself and people who he has ever hated was all over the was with the words: Failure, underachieving and loser in a ghostly matter.

Walking around every now and then he would cross a locked door using his trusted swish army knife he would open the doors to go to the different area of his mind and deeper towards his subconscious looking for all that important piece of himself. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

@Phil - New ideas

Thinking about what Phil said to me i started to create some more ideas such as making the story as an internal struggle instead of having a linear basic story.

I like to create an internal struggle kind of situation at it would be inside the head of the character and the environment would differ form character to character.

Idea 1 - A construction worker having an internal struggle within himself as he try to decide if he wants to carry on with his current job or he apply for a medical school like he always dreamed of.

Idea 2 - A surgeon found himself underachieving in his life so looking at his past and himself he try to see what he could to do better.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Adobe Sketchbook

Practicing with the adobe sketchbook while using symmetry in order to create quick silhouette drawings then using soft rubber as well as colors we can create very quick illustrations. 
I practiced with just silhouette and using the soft rubber to create detailed marking.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Soundscaping ideas for the images below...
Image one:
Crawling sounds…
Squishing sounds…
Sticking sounds…

Image 2:
Stretching sounds…
Gripping sounds…
Ripping sounds

Rumbling sounds…
Rolling boulder sounds…
Ground shifting sounds…

From Script to Screen

Character: Brain surgeon
Prop: Swish Army Knife
Location: Construction Site

My initial idea from my option above shows that I could make a very serious scene just like in TV shows such as HOUSE and ER, however, there is also a chance on making it into serious comedy like SCRUBS. My prop was the Swish Army Knife, which seems inadequate as a tool for a brain surgeon but during an emergency it seems like a nice tool to have in hand or laying around as the area is a construction site.

Idea 1: An accident happened within a newly scaffold construction site a passing brain surgeon must treat the patient with limited time as scaffolds starts to fall from the top of the construction. He has to save his patient and save himself.

Idea 2: A surgeon station within the construction sites was having equipment failure as well a budget cuts so they had to get rid of most of the equipment then a patient was suddenly rushed in because of an accident they have to operate with whatever they have in hand.