Monday, 26 January 2015

Film Review: La Jetee

A film by Chris Marker in the 1962 which was inspired by Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys. The whole film was composed using frames of pictures. The movie revolves around a post-apocalyptic era within the near future were the people was forced to live underground because of the nuclear atmosphere.  The people were subjected to a test like lab rats as they try to find a way to time travel back to the past.
La Jetée Film Still
Fig.1 - Test Experiment
The man who was chosen because he was emotionally attached to the past so he was subjected to their experiment and suffered because of it, However, after a long gruesome and nightmarish time, he was eventually sent back to the past where he fell in love with a woman in a pier.
Due to his accomplishment we was invited by an advance futuristic race were to join them in their futuristic land, however, he refused to join then but he requested to be permanently sent back in time where he met the girl by the pier.
Fig.2 - Natural Museum
The short narrative film almost gave us the feeling that they didn't explain much of the story and sometimes some of the picture does not matches the same description such as during the time it as narrating the pictures in a museum. The narration was very immersive to the story and draws attention, same goes for the sound track that was used such as: the talking voices, Radio sounds, and some of the constant musical background unlike some of the picture was sometimes feels out of place or unimportant to the narrative of this post-apocalyptic film.

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  1. Hello!
    You have started to touch on some of the important aspects of this film; I think you possibly could have gone into a bit more depth surrounding the use of the still image rather than moving ones, and the effect this has on the audience. How does the photo link with memory, for example?
    You state that this film was inspired by '12 Monkeys'... actually, it the other way round - '12 Monkeys' was inspired by 'La Jetee'. The Gilliam film wasn't made until 1995, some 30+ after 'La Jetee'.

  2. Also, don't forget that you need to support your discussion with at least 3 quotes from published sources - these should be introduced and then discussed within your text. Make sure that the quotes are in italics, and that you reference them after each one, with the authors surname and the year of the quote, both in brackets. The full details of where you found the quote then goes in the bibliography.

  3. Yeah im sorry i completely forgot to add the quotes in while i was writing the review.