Monday, 26 January 2015

Story Idea - Explained

My Story

A young surgeon struggling with his currently academic life he started to suffer from some mental breakdown. While talking to a psychiatrist he looked inside himself to try and figure out what he could do.

Inside his head in a shape of a construction site to symbolised his failing mentality, as he would walk around and noticed pieces of the building slowly falling and crumbling. Walking around the building he tries to find a piece of himself in order to get himself together. The things he noticed about the construction was that:

  • The building was made out of multiple building he has attended such as his: secondary school, collage and med school.
  • Pictures of himself and people who he has ever hated was all over the was with the words: Failure, underachieving and loser in a ghostly matter.

Walking around every now and then he would cross a locked door using his trusted swish army knife he would open the doors to go to the different area of his mind and deeper towards his subconscious looking for all that important piece of himself. 


  1. As we discussed - I think you're onto something here - but as yet you don't have an actual ending, and I think the penknife is not being used proactively; it seems to me that if the boy's brain is a construction site, that is damaged etc. then we need to understand that this boy's life can improve - that he's gone on this journey for a reason. As I said, I think it's possible to use the Swiss Army Knife as another metaphor for the boy's mental state - this time as a metaphor for his potential (i.e. he's got all these hidden abilities/tools that will enable him to bounce back to recovery)...

  2. If i can make the swish army knife as my metaphor would i also possibly used it as the premise of my story as it all relate anyway? I will rewrite this again with the premise as well as the scene by scene as well. Thanks Phil.