Tuesday, 13 January 2015

From Script to Screen

Character: Brain surgeon
Prop: Swish Army Knife
Location: Construction Site

My initial idea from my option above shows that I could make a very serious scene just like in TV shows such as HOUSE and ER, however, there is also a chance on making it into serious comedy like SCRUBS. My prop was the Swish Army Knife, which seems inadequate as a tool for a brain surgeon but during an emergency it seems like a nice tool to have in hand or laying around as the area is a construction site.

Idea 1: An accident happened within a newly scaffold construction site a passing brain surgeon must treat the patient with limited time as scaffolds starts to fall from the top of the construction. He has to save his patient and save himself.

Idea 2: A surgeon station within the construction sites was having equipment failure as well a budget cuts so they had to get rid of most of the equipment then a patient was suddenly rushed in because of an accident they have to operate with whatever they have in hand.

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