Thursday, 12 March 2015

@Phil - FV Story

I plan to create a form of game for my malaria life cycle.

Idea 1:

I plan to create some form of tower defense game were it starts from the mosquito hits the human on the way and has to carry on as the virus to the other end to the other mosquito in order to show the full life cycle. This seems interesting as i could show it in game view as well as the point of view of the mosquito when it hits the human.

Idea 2:

I was looking up towards a game kind of like 'Angry Birds' were its a simple game were you have to flick the mosquito towards the human and once it hit its runs back and you have to hit it again to complete the full cycle. This idea was very simple and short cycle as well as very easy to understand and the game would suit the age range I planned for.


  1. Both seem promising - but how would you show the actual elements of the cycle using this system?

  2. I cause its going to be a game i was going to give it health point among other things and i plan for it to happen in three short stages where it goes from the mosquito to the body and to the next mosquito. Does that sound ok?