Thursday, 5 November 2015



Sorry my OGR was late I was ill for a while.

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  1. OGR 06/11/2015

    Hi Marion,

    I like very much the bit of logical thinking that has Tiffany's glass working as solar panels too, to ensure a constant supply of energy. In broad terms, your travelogue is rather generic, in so much you describe a few bits of architecture and the church, but we don't learn a huge amount about this place, which might make designing for it harder.

    I did have a thought about your church; perhaps the people of this city are sun worshippers - i.e. their religion is focused on a solar deity or on the power of the sun - after all, it's the light source that brings life to their city. The Egyptians believed in sun Gods, and interesting Art Deco and Tiffany were inspired by the revival in interest in all things Egyptian during the 1920s:

    With a bit more thought and bit more research into what else was going on and informing Tiffany's design, I think you could find some useful additional ideas as to why your city looks the way it does. In short, you need more visual ideas - to help you to stop drawing - and re-drawing lamps, albeit giant ones! Your thumbnails are already suggestive that you're a bit stuck drawing the same sorts of elements.

    Personally, in terms of working up some clean, Tiffany-inspired forms, I'd suggest that you don't 'draw' in Photoshop, but rather use the shape tools etc to ensure you're always working with clean, unbroken lines and strong profiles.

    For a bit more visual inspiration, check out The Great Gatsby too: