Thursday, 6 November 2014


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  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hi Chris,

    Okay - just a word of caution re. your designer - and some suggestions re. thumb nailing. Firstly, yes, Ives is characterised by that softness and touchability and clean shapes, all of which you've expressed clearly in your OGR. That said, just be a bit wary of creating something that is a bit generic; those shapes etc. need to be elegant, beautiful and chic too. I'd suggest that, in addition to looking at Mac products, you also look at contemporary architects who are increasingly using those same soft, sleek forms in terms of built structures - so Zaha Hadid obviously. It won't be enough just to take the shapes of imacs and iPhones and up-scale them as buildings.

    For me, the most interesting thing about your Travelogue is the idea of the AI being the 'centre' of the city - the hub. I think this makes sense in terms of connectivity and your designer, and in terms of your ultimate digital set, I think it would be good to explore this idea of the AI as your 'key asset' or building. If, as you suggest, the AI has become so important to the city, then it would help you to think of it in terms of it being like a Cathedral in terms of its status - this might help you think more in terms of scale, and where it sits in relation to everything else. I think you could probably develop the idea of the AI moreso - afterall, we pretty much worship the internet now; if the internet was a religion or church, it would have the world's biggest congregation. In terms of a visual concept, seeking to combine the architectural rules of a cathedral with the design ideas of Ives would begin, I suspect, to open up more original ideas about your city. You might want to combine the monumentalism of structures like this:

    with ideas of connectivity like this:

    My broad point is to go beyond the iMac/iPad silhouettes as you think more about this 'city hub/IA' building/structure - I think that's got real potential in terms of being your 'key asset'.

    In terms of thumb nailing; I suggest you try working much more simply in Photoshop at first to get some cleaner, more 'product design' inspired shapes; I want to see some clean lines, crisp curves and strong shapes. Try just using the 'ellipse' shape tool, and then using the warp/perspective tools to work up some cleaner curves and more architectural forms.

    More broadly, Chris - you need to work harder, quicker and with more finesse; you're having good ideas, but you're not pushing them (or you) hard enough to ensure you're getting the most from your own ideas. You're still much too relaxed and laid back - and perhaps too comfortable at UCA because you know the place so well. It's time to feel a bit of urgency and for you to take note too of the other talent in your group; you need to match your stride with theirs and demonstrate a bit more 'oomph'. I want to see you thumbnailing your IA idea with energy and enthusiasm and urgency please!