Thursday, 8 October 2015


Green Light Review


  1. Looking good :) You'll need to fix the layout as it doesn't look right.

  2. OGR 08/10/2015

    Hi Marion,

    Okay - much of the feedback I'm prompted to write here aligns closely with what I've highlight for other students who have chosen Argia, which I'd like you to take a moment to read:

    You'll notice that I'm quick to point out the hidden dangers of choosing Argia: in short, it's a very difficult city because it often encourages an approach in which everything is dark, everything is brown, everything is rock-shaped blob, and everything looks completely generic. I look at your 2 influence maps - and I think all those warnings about this city relate to you: you've got pictures of caves, pictures of rock formations, and nothing else. Argia is hard because it is under described by Calvino, and therefore you need to do more work. I suggest you now ask yourself a series of practical questions before you do anything else:

    How do people live in Argia? (It's a city remember, so it's massive, complex and functions). Does Argia have a light source - if so, from what? Does Argia have heat? If so, from where? How do the people of Argia eat? (Where does their food come from?). What powers Argia? How did they build/excavate Argia? Why do the buildings look the way they do? Where does the oxygen come from? If it comes from the surface, how does it get pumped into the city? Who rules Argia? Where do the rulers reside? What is the religion in Argia and where do the believers worship? and so the list goes on...

    In short, by asking these questions you can find more to do and say about the design of this city (and remember, it's a CITY, not a burrow, or a village, or a town, but city in the same way that New York or Barcelona is a city...). What you must avoid is 'brown blobs with lights' and 'brown caves with lights' etc. This city is difficult and requires lots of imaginative leaps in order to bring it to life. This is a concept art project, not simply a digital painting project - you need to dream big.

    So, take a look at some of the feedback and references I've already laid out for others; you'll find it useful.

    One last thing: film reviews, Marion, Maya tutorials... nobody wants a repeat of last year; and yes, absolutely, you need to spend much more time with your graphics tablet. Vicky Fountas noted you weren't in your life-drawing class.