Monday, 12 October 2015

@Phil - Color scheme and ideas

I recently started looking at underground city in moves and animation and movies such as Arthur and the Invisible and Bug's Life where the color scheme is a bit lighter and softer as well as welcoming.

Fig.1. Bug's Life

Fig.2. Arthur and the Invisible

While doing some research for my city ARGIA i started to look at underground city and I look at the world tree theory when a whole world existed under the biggest tree.

Fig.3. World tree example

Fig.4 World tree concept (not mine)


  1. Hey Marion,

    The issue with Argia, is that Calvino describes it as a particularly desolate unlovely place, so I don't think you can 'warm' it up. Re. roots - yes, the idea of Argia incorporating tree roots into its architecture is a good idea (but i wouldn't' detour into the whole tree-as-world theory).

  2. no i wont i just to to add a bit of light in the darkness a bit more color and i wouldnt want to detour too far from calvino's words just want to clarify its going to be under the ground and how people would have lived there.